Welcome to the MOOPsquad Central Information Area! Here you can find out about our upcoming MOOPmissions, learn about our culture, and participate in the movement!

Everything Matters!

MOOP: n. Matter out of place, litter. 

Can be any glitter, sequin, gum wrapper, cigarette butt, bottle cap, plastic bag that is in improper place, i.e. the ground.

Integrating theater, dance, performance and participatory games to bring awareness to litter, the MOOPsquad reminds people to Leave No Trace. The group is made up of MOOPagents and a wide reaching support network that is on a mission to inspire behavioral change on a worldwide scale.

The MOOPsquad is committed to encouraging people to LEAVE NO TRACE.
We are cultural shapers, branding an identity of conscientiousness.

We are empowering people to take control of their environment and inspire change through the ripple effect. We love to play, and invite you to join us!
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