We are girls and the supporters who take pride in ourselves and our environment. We want to encourage you to join us and be responsible for yourself and your actions. We will introduce you the tools, but you get to do it yourself. 

The MOOPsquad is a theatrical public service announcement battling Matter Out Of Place, or MOOP. They playfully remind you to participate and take care of MOOP when you see it. What started out a decade ago as a fun way to participate at Burning Man has evolved into a creative activism project with growing representation across the globe! The MOOPsquad has a successful track record for participating as a performative educational element in music and art festivals in addition to their “Street Missions” in which they create spectacles in public areas.

Leave No Trace. Make Your Mark.

We have: 
  • led community outreach missions in San Francisco elementary schools celebrating Earth day. 
  • drawn attention to litter and introduced our removal techniques to communities of Jaco, Uvita, Dominical, and San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • organized  guerilla "Street Missions" included such heavily trafficked areas as the Berkeley Campus and adjacent areas, Downtown Los Angeles in the aftermath of the Occupy Wall street eviction, and the famous Abbot-Kinney in Venice Beach.
  • participated in the annual California Coastal Cleanups in Northern and Southern California
  • regularly participated in numerous outdoor music and art festivals including  Lightning in a Bottle (Orange County, California), Envision Festival (Uvita, Costa Rica), and Burning Man (Black Rock City, Nevada).   

We want to make a difference and encourage civic participation. We desire to participate fully in our existence, and notice the mundane. We invite you to join us.

   thank you.