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We admit it, we do use some funny language! Here are some terms you should know about, feel free to use them as much as you want. Don’t worry, there is no test to make sure you know all of them. We are always looking to add more creative terms, who knows, you may have the next greatest MOOP term! Everything is more fun with a MOOP. (This is a MOOPmessage)

Matter out of Place

the collective Leave No Trace team, consisting of MOOPagents, MOOPtroops, MOOPies, and MOOPambassadors

core members with a passion for the tactics  used by the MOOPsquad to inspire behavioral change. These MOOPagents have a proven track record and commitment to the project.

Supporters who spread the Leave No Trace message.

MOOPsquad Special Forces:  
MOOPagents on active duty performing their magic artistry. Skills range from rollerskating and firedancing, to performing aerial acrobatics.

Our favorite MOOP groupies.  Males who are fans and supporters. They assist MOOPagents and MOOPtroops by holding our mobileMOOPbuckets, mobileMOOPbags, pushing mobileMOOPunits, driving MOOPmobiles, and dealing with generally heavy or dirty items and/or tasks.

Female participants with limited levels of commitment. Often absorbed during an event on a one-time basis.

Our growing youth contingent

An action on behalf of the MOOPsquad. Often the act of going out with a force of MOOPagents to address civilian misbehavior

the tool for picking things up, eliminating the need to bend down. The preferred weapon of choice.

Supporters who spread the Leave No Trace message

a bright orange receptacle for MOOP. When placed on the ground, serves as a safety cone, meeting spot, and portable trashcan. The preferred choice for MOOPmissions

a washable shoulder bag with ziplock interior. The fashionable way to carry MOOP. Fitted with a solar lantern for night missions, the bag glows and makes visible the text and images to observers.

the wheeled utility cart that holds 22 public-use wands at a time and serves as display, workspace, and storage.

motorized vehicles that serve the MOOPsquad

a serious Matter Out of Place. The exclamation elicited when there is a Matter out of Place. Serves as a rally cry if more agents are needed to deal with said Matter

ground scores that can be integrated into wearable creations and/or art. Often takes the shape of sequins, rhinestones, jewelry, or odd and interesting items. If found at event, we wear it or send it to lost and found. We have participated in many MOOPreunions!

areas where MOOP collects

Art made from MOOP found.

discussion among MOOPagents and MOOPtroops

MOOPbadge of Honor:
the series of handmade medals from bottle caps bestowed upon honorable supporters and participants.