The MOOPsquad is made up of active & beautiful women between the ages of 16 and 40 with backgrounds in modeling, acting, and dance. We are offering highly lucrative sponsorship opportunities to support us in co-creating a cleaner, better, and more fun world.

The MOOPsquad has a successful track record for participating as a performative educational element in music and art festivals in addition to our “Street Missions” in which we create a spectacle in public areas.

Education is a big part of what we do, and we are looking for great companies like yours to talk about. Whether you have a large international brand or a small independent business, if your mission is aligned with ours, we would love to promote you.

As a MOOPsquad sponsor we will list your company on our website, and provide various levels of service described below.

As the MOOPsquad continues to grow, our MOOPgroups are spreading the Leave No Trace (LNT)  message worldwide, and inspiring people to be responsible, re-cycle, and re-use. The MOOPsquad’s MOOPology makes it fun to participate, and cool to care!

Help us Eradicate MOOP on Earth by making the MOOPsquad one of your Brand Ambassadors!

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