May 30, 2015
Wow, another amazing year at Lightning in a Bottle has passed by like a flash from the sky! 

Every year our BaseCamp gets better and better. We were placed right at the top of the stairs near RV camping and at the entrance of the Oasis Spa and Dr. Bronner's Foam tub. We hosted our Sunday Bubble party with Orange juice and bubbly while Agent Nasty commandeered the Master Blaster! So fun!

A cool addition to our camp was the silly and cool intentional drinking water sculpture created by Talia Sky. It was comprised of three mannequin bodies and had spigots for refilling reusable containers and a drinking fountain for those less prepared. The pump was powered by a solar panel and the over-flow water was captured by our potted wheatgrass. We encouraged people to put a thought into their water as they used the fountain.

We are super grateful to Dr. Bronner's for bringing us onboard with the ALL-ONE ZONE! Our MOOPagents were armed with their yummy lavender hand sanitizer spray that we integrated into our "Nailing It" game. Such a perfect fit! We realize not everyone wants to rock the fourth nail as a sign of solidarity, but who could turn down a spritz of mist? Its all about Good. Clean. Fun!