MOOPmission: Lightning in a Bottle
July 23, 2013
MOOPmission: LIB was a major success! From the upgraded mobileMOOPunit designed and built by Agent Stinky and Super MOOPie, Buster Trizz, to our successful MOOPbingo game time, to our awesome BaseCamp and superb placement....and of course our rockstar MOOPagents and MOOPies who really brought the SERIOUS FUN!!!!

Our Nail Polish Ambassadorship really showed itself through out the weekend! People everywhere were throwing up their fourth finger in the MOOPsalute!

One of our highlights was a morning MOOPmission to the silent disco, Silent Frisco, a headphone only dance floor...Agents CIA and Sylvetron with MOOPie Blue Hawk arrived on the scene to a serious of the worst messes at the whole event. What an amazing moment when the disco shut down, and all the dancing troops stormed the mobileMOOPunit and grabbed out public use wands and cleaned the whole dancefloor!!!! Epic. 

We also had a very special MOOPbingo winner. Jude not only took first prize, but he won one of our coveted Dopper bottles. When asked which prize he most wanted between our oranges, pocket tin, and bubbles, he pointed at the Dopper and asked how to win that. Well, he did. Jude showed up Monday morning with his dad in tow carrying a big bag of MOOP! He found every object on the game card!