MOOPmission: Lucidity
April 18, 2013
We launched our first US Festival after our epic journey around the globe! It was quite fitting, then, that two of our awesome and inspiring MOOPagents joined us all the way from Costa Rica! Pura Vida! Agents Caracola and MuffaPuffa were a great addition to our West Coast homecoming at Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara. It was a meeting of old and new, as Cosmic Girl, Mighty Muse, and Super K had won the Green Camp Contest last year and got to enjoy the festival off active duty!

We had so much fun and must have nailed most of the festival as MOOPambassadors! The festival had a playful, theatrical, and deeply resonating unity among the festival goers....Hmmm, sounds like us! Thank you to Agent JewelAhoop, who is is integrating Hula MOOPing into her performance! And our super Agent Glow who had such a great connection with the kids we interacted with! 

We definitely had a big impact, and even got interviewed by the Bloom Series! We are so excited to possibly be featured in their next episode about participation at transformational festivals! If you haven't seen what they are up to yet, we are proud to introduce you.