MOOPmission: Shambhala
August 28, 2013
We are so excited to introduce our new Canadian MOOPgroup who rocked Shambhala this summer! What an awesome opportunity to show how a small group can make a huge impact! The ripple effect in motion! 

These three Superstars, led by Agent Bubbles, had Miss Manners, and Agent Possible join in several MOOPmissions over the course of the jam packed weekend! For a 15,000 person event, the feedback was impressive! People recognized us from as far away as Costa Rica (Envision Festival) and made sure to participate and play along! The MOOPsquad even caught the Green Team by surprise and had some memorable and silly battles over MOOP!

Here they are rocking it out for one of our favorite artist's sets, Pumpkin! Great job, Agents! We can't wait to go even bigger next year!